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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 30, 2014 9:00am-9:11am JST

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>> hello, you're watching "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. nato has accused russia of violating ukraine's sovereignty. the secretary-general swept aside russian denials. >> it is now clear that russian troops and equipment have illegally crossed the border into eastern and southeastern ukraine. >> rasmussen said russian forces are supplying weapons to separatists engaging in operations. he accused the leaders of defying all diplomatic methods
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for a peaceful solution. russian president vladimir putin said he's disappointed by the support the united states and ukraine have given the government. he said the u.s. and other western nations are behind ukraine's political turmoil. and he criticized the western governments for putting pressure on countries that don't agree with their policies. putin said ukrainian authorities should immediately begin substantial talks with the pro-russian separatists. >> translator: our goal is to defeat the poreshenko administration. >> the separatists can't negotiate with the president. he admitted russian soldiers are
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joining them. he said they're all volunteers. the separatists are pushing back against a government offensive. they took control of a town on thursday. the ebola outbreak in west africa has crossed another border. government officials in senegal has their first case. the health minister said the patient is male student who traveled from the capital of guinea. officials there had warned authorities they lost track of a student who is likely infected. they said he disappeared three weeks ago and may have entered senegal. then officials found him in the hospital in the capital. the student had not told hospital workers he might be infected. senegalese health officials are trying to track people who have come into contact with him. the world health organization reports over 3,000 confirmed or expected cases in guinea,
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liberia, nigeria and sierra leone. and nigeria. neighboring countries are on high alert. senegal closed its border last week. >> britain has raised its terrorism threat level. an attack in the u.k. has been made more likely. >> early today, the home secretary confirmed that the joint terrorism analysis center has increased the threat level in the ewe nielted kingdom from substantial to severe. >> cameron said the islamic state groups threatens the security of the u.k. he says authorities believe at least 500 people have gochb to fight in iraq. authorities need to take tough measures from going abroad.
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there's no evidence an attack is eminent. still, police have stepped up their patrols in london. >> india prime minister begins a trip to japan on saturday. modi led his rightist bharatiya janata party to the landslide victory in the may parliamentary election. it was the first change of power in a decade. a meeting between modi and japanese prime minister shinzo abe is scheduled for monday. abe also plans to host a private dinner for modi in kyoto before the summit. modi is keen to revitalize the indian economy after its worst growth in a decade.
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>> modi views japan as a key business partner for his country. he expressed willingness to improve india's business environment by easing regulations to encourage japan to invest more. india is increasingly concerned about china exerting greater influence in the asia-pacific region. india held a joint naval exercise with japan and the u.s. in late july. and security is likely to be high on the agenda when modi meets abe. >> modi said he is hoping to obtain concrete cooperation for a nuclear energy pact that will allow india to use japanese
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technology, and modi also wants to discuss a planned high-speed train network for india. medical specialists gathered the firm is based in shanghai. prosecutors say staff committed food safety violations. police have held the executive just after the scandal came to light. they can contain suspects before came to light. the group is the shanghai firm's parent company. representatives say they'll continue to cooperate with chinese authorities. members of a united nation's committee are trying to tackle ethnic discrimination in japan. they're urging the government to con vert hate speech against koreans.
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members say they're kompb certained about the hate speech against korean residents on the internet and in public speeches. >> you need a comprehensive law on racial discross-claim nation. that is the most important thing. >> a u.n. panel urged japan to ban hate speech last month. peach and pear growers in the japanese grower are celebrating a breakthrough. they suffered restrictions on their exports after the nuclear accident in 2011. now they are shipping into indonesia for the first time ever. japanese farm officials offered samples at a high-end
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supermarket. customers had a taste. one bought peaches that cost more than $13 each. >> translator: it's delicious. very fresh and sweet. i've eaten fruit from fukushima abroad, and i'm not worried about its safety. >> fruit farmers in fukushima have been hit hard by import restrictions in hong kong and taiwan. they have high hopes for sales in indonesia because the economy there is growing. >> hereby's a three-day weather forecast for selected cities.
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>> that wraps up this edition of
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"news lym "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. you're watching, nhk world. >> kyoto, ancient capital of japan. a city where a thousand years of history and art live side-by-side. kyoto wouldn't be what it is without the contributions of craftsman. master artisans honing their skills over a millennium have made the city a place of exceptional beauty.


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